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Vans Unisex-erwachsene Old Skool Sneakers

The Old Skool has never been lacking in the attitude department. It brought the dawn of the classic Vans side stripe that has developed into a status symbol of tradition and skate stature. Aside from all that personality, they have lasted as long as they have because of their ability to perform on a skateboard, and to last, and last. Though they now share the ranks with many new Vans styles with their own innovations, the Old Skools aren't going anywhere. Featuring here with a navy canvas upper and contrasting white side stripe.

  • Obermaterial: Leder
  • Innenmaterial: Textil
  • Sohle: Gummi
  • Verschluss: Schnürband
  • Materialzusammensetzung: Canvas/Leder
  • Schaftweite: Normal

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