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Vans Unisex-erwachsene Authentic Sneakers

Vans Unisex-Erwachsene Authentic Sneaker

Angebotspreis: EUR 44,82 - EUR 70,95
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Features:Introduced in 1966, the Vans legend began with the Authentic canvas deck shoe.These shoes were built to last, and they remain a classic todayCanvas upperLace up fasteningWaffle-bottom construction, original vulcanized soleMaterial: Canvas, vulcanized rubberAbrasion-proof waffle outsoleVans logo on tongue, outer side and rearWe all love Vans Authentics! These classic, American heritage skate shoes will make you look the part, whether you wear them with baggy jeans and a hoodie, or even go down the cardigan and fitted chinos route!

  • Obermaterial: Canvas
  • Innenmaterial: Textil
  • Sohle: Gummi
  • Verschluss: Schnürband
  • Absatzhöhe: 2.5 cm
  • Schuhweite: normal

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