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Imixcity 2 Pack Femme Sexy V Profond

❤Bra Size Chart❤ Cup A : 70A(32A) 75A(34A) 80A(36A) 85A(38A) 90A(40A) Cup B : 70B(32B) 75B(34B) 80B(36B) 85B(38B) 90B(40B) Cup C : 70C(32C) 75C(34C) 80C(36C) 85C(38C) 90C(40C) Cup D : 70D(32D) 75D(34D) 80D(36D) 85D(38D) 90D(40D) ❤How to Wear❤ 1.CLEAN YOUR SKIN:THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP. Gently clean your chest area with mild soap and water to remove body oil and residue from skin. 2. PLACE ONE SIDE ON AT A TIME:Stand in front of a mirror. Flip the cup outward while holding the bra cup by the edges with both hands。Position the cup to your desired breast angle and gently smooth the cup edges firmly to the breast with your fingertips. Repeat the same application on your breast, being sure both sides are equal in height. 3. CONNECT THE FRONT CLOSURE:with both hands on the bra cups, press firmly for a few seconds to secure the hold. Now, you are ready to enjoy the total freedom and comfort of your adhesive bra. ❤Why Do the Adhesives Stop Working and Fall Off?❤ 1. If you don't clean your breasts or reposition the bra, too many attempts will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive. If this happens, simply wash the bra cups and let air dry before reapplying. 2. You may choose the wrong size, so the bra isn't fit for you. 3. Harsh detergent 4. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR WOMEN WHO SWEAT TOO MUCH. ❤HOW to WASH❤ 1.Simply wash with warm water and mild soap then air dry. When item is dry, the adhesive regenerates itself for next use. 2.Sweat will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive. Please wash it after every using, wash it slightly, it will STICKY again! Note: During logistics transport,it will cause wrinkles in the cup sometimes, if the wrinkles are serious, We recommended soaking fully and let air dry.The wrinkles will disappear soon.Don't worry the adhesive also will regenerates itself.

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