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Westlab Epsom Salt 5 kg

Westlab Epsom Salt 5 kg
by Westlab
Westlab Epsom Salt 5 kg(538)

Buy new: £14.99 £11.11
16 used & new from £9.53

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9 best DIY beauty products
It has to be said, there’s a certain pride in creating something with your own two hands, which is why DIY kits are having something of a moment lately. There are do-it-yourself crafts, make at home food kits (containing everything from bacon curing to ...

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Beauty in blue! Paris Jackson in bright bomber jacket on shoot drinking Diet Dr. Pepper. The eldest of Michael Jackson's kids showed off her signature stunning blue eyes as she also sang in the car and tied shoes.

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Priyanka Chopra terminates her contract with Nirav Modi's jewellery brand Actress Kajal Aggarwal has admitted that when it comes to wearing makeup, she is somewhat lazy. The 32-year-old beauty recently revealed that she usually doesn’t wear makeup during ...

I remember my mom bringing home stones or pebbles from days at the sea. From the beaches and coastlines surrounding Denmark, but also from trips around the world. Always a beautiful stone and a beautiful story with it. Stories that I related to through my ...

Beauty and self-love for women of colour in Azeema magazine
The fashion and beauty industries are notorious for creating unattainable ideals for young women, but for people of colour, the standard of whiteness creates another dimension of constructed desirability. The potential for self-doubt and a lack of self ...

Deep learning algorithms power startup's beauty database
As someone who lives in Silicon Valley, Ming Zhao said it's hard not to notice how AI is being used to transform big industrial products like cars and rockets. But where was AI when it came to things that aren't quite so heavy-duty? "What about products ...

Annabel’s Weekend Beauty Edit
You can drink all the water you like, but still have dry skin. Dryness isn’t just to do with what you put on the inside – it’s about genetic skin type, environment and skincare routine. (So just drink a regular amount of H2O.) A thick cream may ...

More unregistered beauty products found in condo
After interrogating a businesswoman arrested earlier this week, the Quezon City police found another stockpile of unregistered beauty products worth at least P37 million inside a condo unit on Thursday morning. Led by a team from the Food and Drug ...

NPD Reports Shifting Online Sales for Grocery, Apparel, Prestige Beauty and Toys
In the early years of e-commerce, increased sales of a product category online meant a decrease in the price of the products and a straight-line cannibalization of brick-and-mortar market share. These dynamics are changing as omnipresent retailing becomes ...

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Fitness class app ClassPass changed how people schedule workouts by letting consumers avoid gym fees and getting locked into a single studio or center. Now the company is looking to apply that same model to new beauty and wellness categories. A pilot ...

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