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Tinder for beauty! Busy mother-of-two, 33, launches an app that finds your nearest and best hairdressers, nail salons and day spas
A mother-of-two has launched a way to solve your preening problems with an app that's like Tinder, but for beauty. Louise Walker, 33, from Perth, found that while being a busy mum it was hard to find time to search and book services, such as hairdressers ...

Toro: Beauty and the Bull, Lilian Baylis Studio — a masterclass in abusive coupling
He is going to need a bigger theatre. For the moment Carlos Pons Guerra’s creations for DeNada Dance Theatre make their home in pocket-sized venues such as Wilton’s Music Hall and Sadler’s Wells’s tiny, 180-seat Lilian Baylis studio. Enough for a ...

'Beauty isn't about hair!' Victoria's Secret model reveals how she found the courage to shave her head after years of being told she had to have long, straight locks to be ...
The 27-year-old model who was born in Angola, Africa, but is now based in New York City, revealed to Refinery29 that she had been chemically relaxing her hair since she was five-years-old because her natural hair was too 'painful to manage'. She also ...

Beauty brand NYX Professional Make Up is coming to Bullring for the first time
A big name beauty brand is launching in Birmingham. NYX Professional Make Up has just signed the deal to open its first standalone store in the West Midlands. The international brand will take a 1,700 sq ft unit on the Upper Level West at Bullring.

Toro: Beauty and the Bull review – unbound eroticism and dynamite dancing
Young Spanish-born choreographer Carlos Pons Guerra has been forging a distinctive style that – to borrow the title of one of his own works – might be dubbed “ham and passion”: a lurid mix of melodrama, eroticism, iconoclasm and showmanship.

A guide to Meghan Markle’s favourite beauty products
While we weren't blessed with Markle genes, you can get a slice of her lifestyle by shopping her favourite make-up.... Even if you’re not riding the royal wedding wave right now, there’s no denying that Meghan Markle is exquisitely beautiful.

The best beauty boxes a person could dream of
Because happiness is beauty products being delivered straight to your door We challenge you to find anything that is more happy-making than getting a little box filled with sample beauty products delivered directly to your door. Plus everyone loves a ...

Beauty for a Better Life empowering women in Pakistan
LAHORE - Evidence from all over the world shows that investing in girls and woman creates a ripple effect that yields multiple benefits- not only for individual woman, but for families, communities and countries. The inauguration ceremony of the 3rd ...

A 10-day heatwave from the 'Beauty from the East'? - forecasters say not
A 10-DAY heatwave dubbed the ‘Beauty from the East’ may not be as beautiful as it sounds. Some reports say the next week will bring sizzling sunshine, with sweltering conditions sweeping in from Continental Europe. And then they say we are set for a ...

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