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Hp N9j72ae 301 Original Ink Cartridge, Black And

HP N9J72AE 301 Original Ink Cartridge, Black and Tri-Colour, Pack of 2

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Get the value you expect from cartridges specially designed to work with your HP printer for projects at home, work, and school.

  • Original HP Ink Cartridge - high reliability and consistent print quality
  • Page yield: Black 190 pages, tri-colour 165 pages
  • Cartridges per pack: Two
  • For use with: HP DeskJet 1000/1010/1050/1510/2050/2510/2540/3000/3050/3055, HP ENVY 4500/5530, HP OfficeJet 2620/4630
  • Recycle HP Original Cartridges for free with HP's Planet Partners programme - 80 percent of Original HP Ink Cartridges contain recycled HP cartridges, bottles or hangers

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