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A doctor’s office that charges $150 a month and doesn’t take insurance just raised millions to make it the future of medicine
The first clue you're in a medical practice comes from a room filled with supplements and other supplies and a massage table that sits on the side of an office. Parsley Health, which got its start in 2016 and now has centers in Los Angeles, San Francisco ...

How to secure the right type of IP protection for wearable-technology products
a wide range of products are entering the wearable-technology market and raising new questions about intellectual property (IP) claims and protection. In this interview, Katie McConnell, counsel in the Hogan Lovells London office ...

Set up Office 365 for business
In Australia, call 1 800 197 503. In Canada, call 1 800 865 9408. In the United Kingdom, call 0800 032 6417. For other countries, see Contact support for business products - Admin Help. Get technical and billing support for Office 365 Germany.

Upgrade to Office 2016 using Office 365 for business
If you follow these steps and don't see an option to install the newest products, contact your admin. Your admin may not have assigned a licensed to you or given you permission to install Office. Are you an Office 365 admin? Admins who want to upgrade ...

Prime Newcastle Quayside office snapped up by investors in £10.1m deal
City centre Grade A office supply continues to tighten and is expected to fall below 100,000 sq ft by the end of this year. Consequently, occupiers seeking substantial amounts of grade A office space will be faced with limited options. Mr Downey said ...

Exclusive - China's Lishen plans first European sales office for electric vehicle batteries: source
LONDON/BERLIN (Reuters) - Chinese battery maker Tianjin Lishen plans to open a sales office in Germany, its first in Europe, and is in talks to supply local auto makers with batteries used to power electric vehicles, a source at the company told Reuters.

Building supplies firm expands and creates 18 jobs
heating products and other building supplies for traders and the general public. Ketley Business Park includes industrial, office and storage space laid out in several self containe... For the full story register now for free or login below...

JSJ Corp. to close office furniture manufacturer izzy+
GRAND HAVEN — JSJ Corp. plans to wind down office furniture maker izzy+ after 17 years of operation. The manufacturing holding company said today that it would discontinue production of izzy+ branded products and refocus its resources on other ...

Trump's trade representative spent almost $1MILLION on office furniture and then blamed OBAMA officials saying he was continuing their renovations
The office paid $475,000 to a furniture supplier in the DC area, Executive Furniture, which offers high-end products designed for executives. Lighthizer’s office encompasses two locations – the Winder Building and the annex at 1724 F St. NW.

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