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Court Street Office Supplies To Close After 36 Years, Reports Say
BROOKLYN HEIGHTS, NY — Court Street Office Supplies, which has been open across the street from Brooklyn Borough Hall for nearly 36 years, will close its doors for good next month, the Brooklyn Paper reported. Owners of the 44 Court St. store plan to ...

In short ‘Supply’: Downtown’s Court Street Office Supply to close next month
Get our stories in your inbox, free. Like Brooklyn Paper on Facebook. Recipients’ email addresses (Up to ten, separated by commas.) It won’t be a community staple for long. A Court Street office-supply shop where this newspaper’s reporters once ...

How to get your small firm's products into big retailers: Solillas boss on what it took to get his sandals into Office, Liberty and Selfridges
You've raided your life savings to make your big idea a reality. Now it exists, you need the world to see it - and buy it. So how do you secure a big name stockist? This is a question most entrepreneurs have to grapple with and there's no simple answer.

LOWER MAKEFIELD POLICE REPORT: Gas cooktop, office supplies reported stolen; tires slashed on vehicle; traffic stop leads to disorderly conduct charge
The following information is provided by the Lower Makefield Township Police Department: FRAUD >> 1400 block of Pheasant Run Cir. reported at 2:30 p.m. on Jan. 17. Complainant reported unknown person(s) opened a Verizon account in their name. THEFT >> 700 ...

Essential Office Products For Your Business This Winter
With winter well and truly here, it’s about time you made sure your office is prepared for darker days, colder weather, and the spike in avoidable accidents that inevitably occurs at this time of year. Outdoor paths and car parks are susceptible to ice ...

Court Street Office Supplies to Close in February
Brooklyn Paper reports that Court Street Office Supply, a “staple” of the neighborhood since 1982, will close on February 20th. Owner, Jacob Gutman explained, “Our challenge has been the shift in how people purchase things these days,” he said.

Dubai office supply forecast to top 9m sq m by end-2018
Total office supply in Dubai reached 8.86 million sq m in the fourth quarter of 2017, according to a new report. Real estate consultants JLL said consolidations are continuing across various sectors of the market, with tenants trying to reduce rental costs ...

Headwinds in the office market thanks to supply glut
The property consultancy also noted that the recently announced freeze on new office approvals will mitigate the current oversupply to a certain extent, but the impact will only be felt over the medium term. “This is because the pipeline supply currently ... Has Cat Office Supplies to Brighten Up Your Workspace
Working from home, I’m able to hang out with my cats all day. But for those of you stuck in an office, Japanese online stationery retailer recently brought in some cute cat-themed items to help you remember your furry friends while you’re ...

Devine's Office Supplies Partners with BizIQ
Woodward, OK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/15/2018 --Devine's Office Supplies, a company that specializes in providing a wide variety of office supplies and repair services to individuals and companies in the Woodward, Oklahoma area, announced today that it has ...

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