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Ho-Chunk subsidiary launches Green Mountain Paper Paper Products
announced Thursday it had launched Green Mountain Paper Products LLC. Green Mountain is a joint-venture between Flatwater and Empire Office Products, a black-owned manufacturing company based out of Detroit. In a release, Michael Houser, a Flatwater senior ...

How the paper and forest-products industry thrives in the digital age
Oskar Lingqvist: Thank you, David. Very happy to be here. David Hunter: We also have Peter Berg, a senior expert in McKinsey’s Stockholm office, who coleads the Paper & Forest Products Practice. Peter, thanks for being here today. Peter Berg: Thank you ...

How To Make Your Office Recycle In 7 Steps
is a good thing to throw into the conversation, no matter where you are in the office hierarchy. WRAP, a recycling consultancy, points out that offices are some of the most dominant users of paper products in the economy. It's estimated by the EPA that the ...

To make a difference, support a green cause outside the office
You know the sort of thing: "Before you print off this email, think of the environment; emails save paper – don't waste it by making a copy." But for companies to make a real difference, they need to pick a cause outside of their office hours and walls.

Office Equipment : Specialists Inc. absorbs new divisions, products to grow
SG: We have a software on the office products side of things that scrapes the internet ... RC: If someone calls and says, 'we had no idea we were out of toilet paper. Is there any way we can get some?' We'll come down here, grab a case and run it to ...

Go Green: Environmentally friendly work office
The section Generation Green of its website, provides tools and tips for customers on how to utilize its products in the most environmentally conscious ways. Tools and tips on how to save paper, save toner and save electricity - all of which lower costs ...

Blog Exposure - Genuine Parts Co. Divests Office Products Business, S.P. Richards; Merging Divested Company with Essendant
traditional office products, industrial supplies, cut sheet paper products, automotive products and office furniture. The Company's business is divided into four main verticals - Office and Facilities business, Industrial, Automotive business and CPO business.

Tamebay Position Paper:
These were the days before the birth of online payments and it was common place for buyers to exchange pound notes for dollars at the Post Office and send them via ... What adds significantly to the cost is when products are stored for longer periods ...

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