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Brabham Automotive to unveil first project in May
Brabham Automotive will reveal its maiden project in May. The new venture, led by David Brabham, was revealed on Tuesday following a brief announcement which alluded to the possibility of road and possible race car program under the famous Brabham name.

Automotive Fuse Market Worth 24.33 Billion USD by 2025
"40-100A Automotive Fuse Market estimated to be the largest market among the ampere segments" The fuses in 40-100 A segment are used in engine-related electrical circuits, low voltage charge inlets, and low-power traction motor-related circuits as this ...

Osseo Automotive Athlete of the Week: North Wrestling’s Mason Phillips
EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) --He may not be a big guy off the mat, but when Eau Claire North’s Mason Phillips steps on the mat, he’s the one calling the shots. The #1 ranked wrestler at 138lbs in division 1 is back to state for the 4th straight year ...

Automotive Temperature Sensor Market Worth 11.89 Billion USD by 2025
The major factors driving the growth of the Automotive Temperature Sensor Market are the increasing installation of electronic systems such as engine control unit, stringent emission norms introduced by the government, and rising preference of vehicle ...

Automotive Sensors Market – Major Factor Responsible for Increasing Growth of the Industry
The automotive sensors measure, detect and transmit the data, which helps in monitoring the performances and capabilities of the vehicles. These sensors make use of IC fabrication equipment made up of silicon wafers. Automotive sensors analyze and control ...

2018 Chrysler Pacifica joins Peppers Automotive inventory
PARIS, Tenn., Feb. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Now that it is 2018, a minivan does not mean what it used to. Long gone are the images of a boat of a vehicle with nothing more than spacious seating. New minivan models offer the most in entertainment ...

Connecting the connected car - why FRAND is important to the automotive industry
The integration of connectivity into vehicles is disrupting the automotive industry. This disruption may lead to a five letter acronym (FRAND - Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory) having a major impact on how both the automotive and mobile telecoms ...

Automotive catalogue from Lumileds includes laser headlights
Lumileds has released its automotive lighting catalogue, which includes a laser main beam module as well as the Luxeon Altilon Intense dip-beam (US low-beam) leds and ‘FX Plus CW’ main beam (US high-beam) leds, plus matrix led headlamp light engines.

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