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Logitech C920 HD Pro USB 1080p Webcam - Black

Logitech C920 HD Pro USB 1080p Webcam - Black
by Logitech
Platform: Windows 8
Logitech C920 HD Pro USB 1080p Webcam - Black(2230)

Buy new: £89.99 £53.35
68 used & new from £43.99

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SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive USB 3.0 up to 100 MB/s - Black, 32GB

SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive USB 3.0 up to 100 MB/s - Black, 32GB
by SanDisk
Platform:   PlayStation 3
SanDisk Ultra USB Flash Drive USB 3.0 up to 100 MB/s - Black, 32GB(4047)

Buy new: £37.99 £8.79
43 used & new from £7.65

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Some vote-counting computers came with a critical flaw that could have let hackers access them
Some of the computers used for tabulating votes and programming voting machines that were sold between 2000 and 2006 included a serious vulnerability. The computers, offered by the nation's top voting ...

Belmond Police Vehicles Get New Computers
The City of Belmond has decided to give further assistance to officers in the field. Police in the past, have had to rely on crucial information getting relayed to them from emergency dispatchers. Thi...

US Vote-Counting Computers Had Flaw, Allowed Hackers Access
In the US, vote-counting computers used in government elections contained a security vulnerability which could have been used to affect election results. The systems, which were sold by Elections Syst...

ControlUp – Add Computers With A PowerShell Script – Video
How to add computers in one go in the ControlUp real-time console by using a PowerShell script. This video is from the fine folks at ControlUp. ControlUp Smart-X Software Solutions Ltd. The designer a...

A step closer to quantum computers: Researchers show how to directly observe quantum spin effects
Schematics of spin-dependent photovoltage generation and experimental setup. a Schematic of the device structure with bias current Jc applied along the x direction. The laser is focused on the device ...

Man Sentenced For Heist Of Over $1M Of Computers Bound For Two Schools
The second brother from Northern Westchester who participated in a scheme to steal, transport and sell more than 1,000 computers valued at more than a million dollars is heading to prison. Yorktown He...

We Will Soon Be Operating Computers With Our Thoughts?
The interface battle today is seen as “voice vs. screen” — but is the future found in thought-driven selection for tomorrow’s computers? The time is approaching in which we may no longer need screens ...

Temp worker stole 28 computers from state office and sold them online, AG says
A former temp worker for a public school construction authority has been indicted on charges he stole 28 computers and sold them online, state officials said Monday. Authorities say Corey Jester was h...

Cops and Computers: Big Data Knows What You Did This Summer
Do Americans need protection from the growing police use of “Big Data”? According to University of District of Columbia law professor Andrew Guthrie Ferguson, the large volume of information used for ...

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