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Emwel Mini Disco Dj Stage Lights 3w Led Rgb Sound

Emwel Disco ball party light! When you plug in the crystal magic ball lamp power, crystal magic ball will cast a magnificent colorful effect, can automatically change the rotation, can adjust a variety of modes, you can control the console mode can also voice control with The rhythm of the music changes color, can create a good stage atmosphere. Super brightness,Long Lifespan more than 10,000 hours. Easy to install,just plug it and play it. Exquisite appearance, streamlined design, small size, light weight, light points, is an ideal private room lamps. Selection of high-quality LED light source, low power consumption, high brightness, not three beads comparable, stable performance, long life. Use of high-transparent mirror to ensure LED brightness from loss. A variety of channel mode options, a variety of strobe mode, with gradual, transition, water and other effects Specifications Shell material: ABS high light transmission shade Light source power: LED RGB 3 x 1w Total power: 5-10W Beam angle: 120 degrees Power supply parameters: AC110v-240v 50-60Hz Packing size: 110 x 100 x 110MM Product Weight: 0.35kg Mutiple colours: 7 colours Playing Mode:Sound music activated, Auto, Flash Irradiation area: 10-15 square feet Package includes: 1 * Disco ball party light 1 * Power UK Adapter 1 * Remote control 1 * Product manual Please pay attention: Before you use the remote control, please pull out the transparent divider under the remote control, then you can use it perfectly. Please be advised that Carryme has 12 Months Warranty and 90 Days Money Back Guarantee.

  • [3 Modes] 1. Auto mode: Automatic color, quite free and random. 2.Music Mode: Sound actived, just follow the music to change the colors and speed. 3. Flash mode: the lights appear and disappear alternating strobe rapidly.
  • [7 individual magic colours] Red, Green, Blue, Red/Blue, Red/Green, Blue/Green, or all colours together or multi colors to choose.It feels as you are at Sea world Park and experience the harmony and beauty of sea !The device listens for bass sounds or beats in the music, so that the lighting colour changes on each beat of the music. Really nice effect.
  • [Just plug and play] Disco Light by the sensitivity remote control is very convenient , according your mood to switch between different modes and colors in the distance . Fully adjustable movement speed. The party LED light is portable with small size . It is easy to install and carry.
  • [All Scenes] Disco LED lights is suitable for all scenes: Birthday party , Pool party , Disco party , Dance party , holiday , wedding , Christmas , karaoke , DJ , Bar , room ,nightclubs ...Also can be as night light or relaxing lights . It's super gift for kids ,family and friends.
  • [Warranty] Please be advised that Carryme has 12 Months Warranty and 90 Days Money Back Guarantee.

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