Bestseller-Listen – Die beliebtesten Produkte aus der Kategorie Kindle eBooks in Großbritannien

Meistverkaufte Produkte aus dem Bereich Kindle eBooks

Finden Sie aus Millionen von Produkten das beste Angebot. stellt Ihnen aus der Kategorie Kindle eBooks von Amazon die beliebtesten Produkte vor. So ersparen Sie sich eine lange Suche und finden Bestenlisten aus Kategorien wie z.B.Amazon Device Accessories, Amazon Devices, Kindle Blogs, Kindle eBooks, Kindle Magazines & Journals, Kindle Newspapers. Die Bestsellerlisten stammen von Amazon und zeigen Ihnen die zehn meistverkauften Produkte. Vertrauen Sie dem Urteil Millionen anderer Kunden und kaufen Sie das beste Angebot bequem online. Bereits über 300 Millionen Menschen weltweit nutzen Amazon. Einfache und sichere Bestellung und eine bequeme Lieferung nach Hause - so macht shoppen Spaß!

Geek Deals Roundup: Sci-Fi Kindle ebooks
Summer’s nearly over, but there’s still time to squeeze some reading in during the next few weeks. So if you’re in the mood for some fun science fiction, here are six excellent books you can get on Amazon for $10 or less. • Contact Kindle ebook for ...

How to Load DRM-Free eBooks Onto Your Kindle
The Kindle is a fantastic reading device, but it’s almost entirely reliant upon Amazon’s closed retail system for buying books. That’s by design, of course—it’s an Amazon gadget, they want you to spend money on their store. But if you have a ...

Kindle Unlimited Friday – Free August eBooks
Hey authors – are you enrolled in KDP Select? Then this is for you. Hey readers – do you have a Kindle Unlimited membership? Then this is for you, too! Scroll on down – you can get all these books for FREE. Not sure what Kindle Unlimited is?

First in New Series of Kindle eBooks About Jamaica - Free on Kindle for 4 Days Only
Pressbox (Press Release) - Kingston, Jamaica - Tuesday, August 15th 2017 - If you have ever searched to find a simple, straight forward, digital book you could use on your phone or tablet offline to help you plan your vacation to Jamaica, this is it!

Amazon removes lowest price clause for Kindle eBook sales in Japan
Publishers selling through online retail giant Inc.'s Kindle eBook store will no longer have to keep their prices equal to or lower than those for the same items sold through Amazon's rivals, following a change to e-book store contracts.

Kindle for PC Supports Text to Speech and Screen Readers
Kindle for PC can now be used to read ebooks aloud using text-to-speech, and it also supports screen reader programs for additional navigation and voiceover features. The latest Kindle for PC version 1.20.1 supports both JAWS screen reader and NVDA screen ...

Amazon Will Most Likely NOT Release a Larger Kindle
At this point it’s pretty clear that the Kindle Oasis is being phased out. Several Amazon websites have stopped selling it altogether over the past few weeks and now ten of the twelve model variations are unavailable from Amazon’s main website as well.

How to Get Free Kindle Books With Your Library Card
Just be sure your Kindle is connected to Wi-Fi so you can finish the download, and the book will automatically appear on your device. Just like the rest of the books in the library, there are limits on how long you can keep the e-books you check out on ...

Serial Pleasure: China's online reading craze is challenging Kindle
Chinese e-books are often serialised ... where readers and writers can discuss and co-develop the plot. “I turn to Kindle for serious books, but I go to Chinese online literature for imagination, fun and freedom,” Pan says. The 21-year-old student ...

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