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Converse Converse Sneakers Chuck Taylor All Star

The Converse All Star Oxford lo-top trainers are an iconic pair of sneakers, as relevant now as ever they have been. This classic white pair flaunt all of the design traits synonymous with their infamous namesake - the Chuck Taylor All Star logo to the heel; the navy and red piping to the midsole; the vulcanised rubber sole and toe cap. With lace fastenings that weave through metal eyelets, the Converse All Star Oxford sneakers are a solid and comfortable wear-everywhere pair that won't ever date. Essential Info:  Uppers: Canvas Lining: Canvas Fastening: Lace Other: Converse All Star L Top Trainers  Product Code: M7652

  • Essential Info: 
  • Uppers: Canvas
  • Lining: Canvas
  • Fastening: Lace
  • Other: Converse All Star L Top Trainers 

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