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Alabama Launchpad winners take $150,000 in prizes
Two Birmingham-based companies took the top prizes last week in the Alabama Launchpad finale in Prattville. A program of the Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, Alabama Launchpad gathered six startups to pitch their companies before a panel of ...

Book Talk, Signing with Carl Schramm, University Professor and Author of ‘Burn the Business Plan’ on April 4
The Syracuse University Libraries and the Blackstone LaunchPad are hosting an author’s talk and book signing with Carl Schramm, author of “Burn the Business Plan,” University Professor and former president of the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

Google’s First Launchpad Accelerator In Africa To Fund 12 Startups In The Region
Google has selected 12 startups that will participate in the first-ever Google Launchpad Accelerator Africa. Globally, the Launchpad Accelerator began providing assistance to startups in 2015, and back then the program was only available to a select few ...

Two Birmingham startups win Alabama Launchpad
Two Birmingham startups emerged victorious in the latest edition of the Alabama Launchpad. The winner of the seed stage competition – and $100,000 – was O3 Solution, which is a project management tool for industrial construction. Birmingham-based ...

Google selects 12 start-ups for its Launchpad Accelerator Africa program
In addition to training 10 million Africans in digital skills, Google has unveiled a scholarship program for 15,000 developers and kicked off its Launchpad program for Africa with 12 start-ups across the continent.

Google Launchpad Accelerator Africa kicksoff
Google has revealed the startups who will participate in the first Google Launchpad Accelerator Africa class. The event was made at an event held in Lagos, Nigeria. It also announced a partnership with Udacity and Andela to provide 15 000 single course ...

Google Launchpad Accelerator Africa kickoff in Lagos, developer scholarships announced
Google today announced the startups who will participate in the first Google Launchpad Accelerator Africa class, at an event held in Lagos. It also announced a partnership with Udacity and Andela to provide 15 000 single course scholarships and 500 ...

Teheca Selected For the African Google Launchpad Accelerator
Uganda health startup; Teheca has been selected among the first African startups for the Google Launchpad Accelerator. A program aimed at assisting startups in leveraging Google’s latest technologies to scale their businesses through mentoring.

StartAD's hardware Venture Launchpad to take place in April
Innovation platform StartAD’s 10-day entrepreneurship program Venture Launchpad for small hardware companies will take place from April 29 to May 9 at New York University (NYU) Abu Dhabi. The initiative, which helps startups develop a scalable and ...

Google’s Launchpad Accelerator Africa announces first cohort of 12 startups
Google earlier today announced 12 startups that will participate in the first Google Launchpad Accelerator Africa class at an event in Lagos, Nigeria. The Launchpad Accelerator Africa programme is aimed at early-stage African startups and will operate out ...

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