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Michigan 4-H Creative Arts Celebration Workshop a success
The Michigan 4-H Creative Arts Celebration Workshop (formerly the 4-H Visual Arts, Crafts, Sewing and Textile workshop), held at the beautiful 4-H Kettunen Center in Tustin, Michigan, Nov. 18–19, 2017, was a success in participants learning visual arts ...

Bolton crafts a life with textiles
Crafting a Life focuses on high-end quilting, sewing and mixed-media retreats. That includes Craft Napa, an arts retreat offering a range of textile classes such as quilting, sewing, fiber art and design. The next Craft Napa is scheduled for Jan. 11-14.

Community arts and crafts pop-up 'best yet'
some behind the counter and others at a sewing machine or paint easel. Papakura carver Dave Young has a corner of the store, selling a plethora of items carefully carved from ancient Clevedon swamp kauri. He says there are 12 craft and 17 art people ...

Blending of crafting and activism has its moment
Suffragettes used sewing circles as a means of sharing ... combining with a years-long trend toward do-it-yourself crafts and a step back from technology, says Elizabeth Garber, a professor of art at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Handmade crafts draw shoppers to Makers Mart
Among the chatter of shoppers and local craft creators surrounding him, Samuel Parkinson, a Sacramento-area clothier specializing in custom garments, sat hunched over a sewing machine as ... crafts and arts during Saturday’s Makers Mart, held in an ...

How to Create Wall Art From Fabric Scraps
If you want do something a bit different than your usual sewing projects using those fabric scraps you have lying around, turn them into wall art. Fabric can be used much like paper to create a variety of wall art pieces -- the more varieties of fabric you ...

Vermont's Ma & Pembum Crafts Leather Bags With an Altruistic Mission
Mott began her creative career as an art major at the University of Vermont and later became ... She still runs the business out of her Hinesburg home, sewing everything on a large Necchi machine. Mott has hired two "part-part-time" employees, both friends.

Flashback 2017: Best in arts & culture - Part 1
The Jakarta Post’s JPlus channel has captured many moments throughout 2017, from annual Jakarta fashion shows to traditional ceremonies across the country, and from art exhibitions to ... 2017 designers preserve local crafts. (JP/Jerry Adiguna) As ...

9 best craft gifts for adults
Knitting, crocheting and sewing dominate the market for adult craft gifts, and in this guide you’ll find ... Its 100 per cent Italian merino wool is so good it's practically a work of art in its own right. We’ve picked its - admittedly high-end ...

Why industrial arts matter
They fabricate one-of-a-kind items, from brownstone staircases to huge public art projects in their two shops (Brooklyn ... But I wish I’d had sewing and shop. And one last thing, ladies: In our study for the Minnesota Legislature, “Making Work Pay ...

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