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Merax 3 Piece Cushioned Patio PE Rattan Furniture Set Outdoor Garden Wicker Set with Beige Cushions (Brown)
This Merax 3 piece cushioned rattan set is made of strong steel frame with all weather PE rattan wicker. Perfect for patio, porch, poolside or garden use. Easy to assemble and no maintenance required, will not crack, split, rot, chip, fade or deteriorate .

DIY patio furniture
DIY patio furniture looks good and gives your outdoor garden a very special charm. So why spend a lot of money on expensive furniture, if you can build it yourself with simple means? Take a look at these ideas and feel free to leave your feedbacks!

How to Spruce Up a Back and Front Patio
One cannot complete a patio arrangement without a few architectural ... Locating a perfect sequence of originality and glamour to an outdoor space can easily transform a simple garden into a paradise. After a long day’s work, or even retirement coming ...

Outdoor Trends that Add Value to Your Home
Your backyard, porch or patio area has become an extension of your home ... outside space that is rapidly becoming the norm in landscape design and outdoor space of homes. Edible garden including those wonderful herbs Another hot trend in today's garden ...

Playing On The Patio
Thornton created the beer garden with the music fan in mind. The new building features an outdoor amphitheater ... its doors three years ago but has only been doing live music on its patio for the past year. Owner Kevin Bennoch and his wife lived in ...

Rock Patio Landscaping Colorado Options That Are Fit For Your Space
Rock beds can form an interesting twist in any garden space. They enhance appearance and definition ... You can choose to transform the whole dwelling, develop a fantastic patio or simply work on a specific area of the yard. Making natural features such ...

A modern-tropical California outdoor living Room.
Brooklyn Limestone has us swooning for this circular fire pit patio. [tps_header]Pallets are all ... of garden styles to help get you started planning the garden you’ve always dreamed about. outdoor kitchen ideas, This is a great island idea for your ...

An Aromatherapy Garden Is the Anxiety-Buster Your Patio Needs
To ensure we were selecting the best scented plants for building a strictly stress-free outdoor space, we consulted with Jenn ... an aesthetically pleasing and therapeutically scented patio garden.

Patio-Connected Kitchen Concepts
The island extends directly from the home's kitchen and dining area into an outdoor patio garden, allowing its inhabitants to entertain guests in a unique way.

New outdoor pool and beer garden at Long Island City hotel are open to the public
It features on-site catering, an outdoor patio and retractable walls. For weddings, the hotel offers bridal and groom suites that include two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room area and two bathrooms. Estate Garden Grill is open Wednesdays through Sundays ...

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