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10 Quick Changes to Prep Your Patio for Spring
Get ready for growing season with a raised garden box. Raised beds help gardeners control ... You’ll get more out of your patio this year with the right outdoor light. Unlike the rest of this list, a sconce requires some installation, but it's worthwhile.

Indiana Flower + Patio Show offers Just for Kids workshop
one of the Indiana Flower + Patio Show’s most popular attractions, again pits three Central Indiana landscape designers — JMT Landscape, Green Vista Landscaping and Precision Cut Lawn — against one another to create the most fabulous garden within a ...

Patio furniture and plants: An organic match for two local businesses
In turn, New Garden is getting out of the patio and home furnishings business. “With indoor décor and outdoor furniture, we couldn’t stock a lot of any one thing,” said New Garden marketing manager Jessica Story. “They (Casual Furniture ...

Spring forward at Flower & Patio Show
INDIANAPOLIS — If you’re still trying to find the bounce in your step after the recent time change, a trip to the Indiana Flower & Patio ... latest in garden and landscape design. A vivid Andy Warhol-themed space by Country Gardens & Lawn Landscape ...

Patio doors: taking the guesswork out of style selection
Ideal for any home that would benefit from an unfussy and more open-plan vibe, folding doors help to really blur the line between indoor and outdoor spaces ... connection to a patio space. A home can literally open up to the garden with doors of this ...

Central Garden & Pet Announces New Chairman of the Board
Central Garden & Pet Company (CENT ... SEVIN®, and OVER-N-OUT ®; fertilizer and the brands PENNINGTON ® and IRONITE ®; and decorative outdoor patio products under the PENNINGTON ® brand. We also provide a host of other regional and application ...

Reeves: Garden simplicity is best
A good patio design allows the flow of the lawn to meet with a greater part of the patio, with perhaps key or accent plantings to the sides or within the patio area. Simplicity in garden design, like interior design, is also enhanced by the use or ...

Awnings can make outdoor spaces more comfortable
Outdoor living spaces have grown in popularity as more ... and filter the sun for plants that require indirect light. They can be placed over a patio container garden or permanent garden structure. Add value for buyers For those who may be selling their ...

Giving Your Garden A Touch Of Home
It's a good idea to decorate your lawn and garden areas with all the comforts of your home ... Highlight smooth surfaces with baskets. A patio table can be accented with a basket of fruit or flowers. Rough stepping-stones or walking areas add a rural ...

Secret Garden: Turning an outdoor area into a magical retreat
The team discovered portions of an original flagstone patio during removal of the pea gravel from the garden area. The excitement continued ... Laurie Rudd has been promoting and writing in and about the outdoor living segment for the past twenty years.

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