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THE LIST: Whatever you want, find the perfect patio
It being May 24, it is only fitting to talk patio season. With most of the city’s patios ... there’s really nothing that isn’t good at Halifax’s first outdoor beer garden. Things like locally made sausages wrapped in bacon and smothered in cheddar ...

The Trillium Beer Garden and Downeast Cider Bar Open on the Greenway
Less than a half-mile north, the Trillium Garden was getting ready Wednesday afternoon to ... year’s draft trailer is not the one in-use now on Trillium Canton’s outdoor patio. That beer bar is in storage and will come out for “special events.

Outdoor kitchens come of age: three outdoor entertainment solutions
“There's a wonderful freedom to just stepping off the porch and into the garden... without opening ... is the pergola-topped outdoor kitchen-- which occupies a 19-by-25 foot extension of the limestone patio, yet is some 20 feet away from the porch.

8 things you need to consider before creating an outdoor garden room
‘The garden is definitely an extension of the kitchen and living space,’ says Vicky Angell, outdoor living buyer for John Lewis ... and surround the patio with large lush planting, like this banana leaf plant. They can be grown in pots and moved ...

Learn your yard and patio party preferences before you shop this season
Before you buy any trendy new patio furniture or summer-soiree must-haves ... You like to keep things formal, with an outdoor space that mimics a royal garden party. Linen tablecloths, beautiful serving dishes and well-planned tablescapes are your ...

Puppies to party on Oregon District restaurant's patio
Lily’s Bistro, 329 E Fifth St. in Dayton’s Oregon District, is giving people a shot to party on its patio with their pooches ... local one-of-a-kind crafts and goods, live music, lawn games and more. Those who arrive at 9 a.m. can get a view of ...

Sponsored: Spectacular outdoor spaces score bonus points in west Danville
An additional patio offers an outdoor extension of the home’s formal dining room ... Sierra Pacific and dual-pane windows. The sweeping front garden with oak trees and manicured hedges leads to the leaded glass front door with side panels and welcoming ...

Design Q + A: Jenny Slossberg’s outdoor shower and porch
I have a very unique outdoor shower and koi pond and patio area around it, viewable from a small porch ... We created the opportunity for the water experience in the garden, away from the house, with views of the koi pond surrounded by flower trees ...

Short Orders: Relocated Greensboro brewery features outdoor beer garden
The taproom features an outdoor beer garden. Gibb said the patio is open. Landscaping will be in place in the coming weeks. Once the brewery is up and running to full capacity, Gibb plans to partner with local restaurants to deliver food to the taproom.

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