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Under Armour cheated on Dick's Sporting Goods with Kohl's — and it massively backfired
Under Armour and Dick's Sporting Goods were in a healthy partnership ... Under Armour was originally looking for somewhere to replace the shelf space it lost after Sports Authority liquidated. The theory was for Under Armour to sell unique, cheaper ...

FOX Sports Outdoors Southwest: Bay St. Louis – Part 3
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Outdoors report: Aug. 19
Calcasieu Lake - HR&G reported good catches of trout and redfish at the jetty. Topwaters action has been good early in West Cove. Galveston - Winds subsided throughout the day and greened by the afternoon. Forecasts call for light winds through the weekend ...

Becoming women of the outdoors: Hunting, fishing grows in popularity
BOW is one indicator of a nationwide trend of increased female interest in staple outdoor sports that anecdotally dates back to at least the turn of the century. “I think Becoming an Outdoors Woman is so popular and so fantastic because it is a non-intim ...

Auburn native Greg Downing's last pro outdoor game will be for MLL championship
Now Downing looks to cap his outdoor career with a second-straight MLL championship ... Not too many teams have the opportunity to do that." Sports writer Jeremy Houghtaling can be reached at 315-282-2256 or at

Outdoors: Clayton on a new do-it-yourself way to hunt
Back a couple decades ago, just about every hunting buddy I knew was on a “deer lease.” I can remember well many times I would “sneak” away from work an hour or two early, truck loaded with bags of corn, supplies to “fix up” the old hunting ...

A sports rout on Wall Street
NEW YORK (AP) -- Sporting goods retailers can't shake their losing streak. Shares of stores that mostly sell sneakers and sporting gear plummeted Friday after Foot Locker and smaller rival Hibbett Sports reported a drop in sales in the latest quarter.

The 2017 International Mountain Tourism and Outdoor Sports Conference kicks off in Qianxinan, Guizhou province, China
The conference, with the tagline "promoting harmony between man and nature as well as healthy lifestyles" will host over 20 international mountain sports events, including hiking, a fire balloon event hosted by the Chinese Balloon Club League, the China ...

Will Finally Going Online Be An eField Of Dreams For Hibbett Sports?
Before this summer, Hibbett Sports was one of the holdouts. The Birmingham, Alabama-based sporting goods retailer — which owns and operates more than 1,000 storefronts — had maintained a streak of more than 70 years without selling online. But ...

Outdoor notebook
Outdoor notebook runs every Friday. Items should be submitted by fax at (918) 684-2865, email at or submitted in writing to the Phoenix at 214 Wall Street during business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Items must be submitted no later ...

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