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MP3 Downloads Per Player Drop Sharply
Americans are falling out of love with downloading music. Over the past five quarters, the average number of songs downloaded per MP3 player (search) owned has dropped an astounding 41.4 percent, according to industry data contained in a recent report.

Popular Music Site Yaahweh.Com Offers Free Mp3 Downloads
Bali, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2013 -- Free mp3 downloads sites are now becoming very famous for providing a wide range of tracks or MP3 to be enjoyed. This makes it easy for people who want to enjoy their favorite songs without buying a CD copy of ...

10 Free MP3 Downloads of Albums EPs and Samplers [Sound Sunday]
This week on Sound Sunday, I searched the web for high quality, free MP3 albums, EPs, and samplers. Today’s mix includes music from some of the most influential bands still around, such as the Smashing Pumpkins and Bad Religion. But you will also ...

Amazon Says International MP3 Downloads Coming in 2008
Amazon has made the important, if vague, announcement that its DRM-free MP3 downloads will be made available internationally starting in 2008. Taking its content from all four major record labels internationally will strengthen its position as a superior ...

AOL to Offer Legal MP3 Downloads
AOL said on Thursday it would offer free music downloads through that would carry tunes from popular mainstream artists - without digital rights management. The songs would come in the traditional MP3 format without restrictions, meaning the ...

Napster to Offer DRM-Free MP3 Downloads
Last week, we learned that struggling music download service Napster will be raising prices on its subscription service for the first time in four years. Today, the company has announced that they will begin offering MP3 downloads in the second quarter of ...

James Blake, Strokes, White Stripes – 10 Best Free MP3 Downloads This Week
So there’s this guy James Blake. You’ve probably heard of him. Well, his cover of Joni Mitchell’s ‘A Case Of You’ is just about the most gorgeous thing we’ve heard all week. He really doesn’t cease to impress, does he? No dubstep, just raw ...

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