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Benefit from Heart of cabi clothing donation at the Julian Center
New clothing shoes and jewelry are provided by the Benefit from Heart of cabi foundation and the stylists themselves. Check out this story on

Local entrepreneur opens new women's clothing boutique
REDBUD in the Alon Shopping Center offers a curated collection of clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry and gifts from around the world, including many brands that McIlhany said are not available anywhere else in San Antonio, including Dolce Vita ...

The Met Gala Theme Carried on Right Down to the Amazing Shoes and Accessories
scoping out the best fashion moments, and getting a closer look at all the jewelry and those incredible headdresses, we've got news for you: we're not done yet! Now it's time to zoom in on the shoes, bags, and accessories (in that order) that really made ...

Fashion Must-Haves For Summer 2018
On clothes, bags, hats, shoes, accessories. A head-to-toe polka dot look is not ... And it creates a nice silhouette that’s ultra-feminine and chic. Jewelry. Summertime and jewelry seem to go hand-in-hand. That’s probably because more of the arms ...

Repurpose Boutique - They have spring & summer clothing for women (050818)
This fabulous little boutique has designer clothing for ladies, men, and children new and repurposed. Plus you will find designer purses, shoes, & jewelry. If you need something custom you can also find Commissioned Pet Portraits, Family tree Canvas Art ...

Not all clothing collection bins are about good will
It was easier to drop off my unwanted coats and shoes in the red box in the Acme parking lot ... You get 25 women in a room full of clothes, jewelry, wine, and cake — believe me, it’s a party! Within minutes, and a couple of glasses of chardonnay ...

green|spaces And Northside Neighborhood House Partner On Clothing Swap Party
Guests are asked to bring at least three items of clothing, shoes, jewelry or bags in good condition and a bottle of wine to share for the party. Upon arrival guests, are asked to place their items in the designated areas and wait for further instructions.

Two men wanted for allegedly stealing jewelry, clothes and cheques from downtown Airbnb
(Toronto Police Service) She found the unit damaged when she returned the next day and a large number of personal items were allegedly stolen, including jewelry, high-end clothing, shoes, and a chequebook, police said. Two men then allegedly attempted to ...

New women's clothing store opens in West Acres
FARGO—A new women's clothing store has opened for business in the West ... The store carries women's apparel, accessories, jewelry, giftables and shoes. Lindsay Caltagirone, vice president of Dry Goods, said the store caters to young women between ...

Hard Rock cafe to host huge two-day rock auction featuring $15k guitar played by Prince, $5k 'Moonwalker' shoes owned by Michael Jackson and bejeweled jumpsuits worn by Elton John
A pair of Jackson's shoes are being sold and should reach about $ ... There's also Whitney Houston's jumpsuit from her 1991 tour. Aside from the clothing and guitars there is also jewelry including several of Elvis Presley's rings and George Michael's ...

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